Cleaning with Sacred Sage

Hardly a day goes by at Envision Crystal that someone doesn't ask, "hey what's that amazing smell in here?". As soon as you step inside the shop, a wonderful aroma of incense, candles, essential oils and fresh herbs all mix together to create a unique and magical smell. Some times people even ask, "what are you burning right now?" With the hope that they can go home and duplicate the smell. It's just everything together I have to tell them, all of it!

Lately one of the favorites herbs for burning at home is sage. More than ever before burning dried sage to clear space and cleanse energy has become a popular practice with our customers. The sage that is used for this practice comes from the American Southwest. It's been air dried and wrapped into bundles known as smudge sticks, or occasionally sold dried and loose. Sometimes the sage is wrapped alone, and sometimes it is combine with other dried herbs, such as sweet grass or lavender. Any or all of these types are effective.

If you'd like to try your hand at creating scared space in your home with sage it's fairly easy to do, and most people report an immediate feeling of clarity and peace once the simple ceremony is complete.

To begin, all you need is the sage you intend to burn, a lighter or heat source, and a fireproof container. Light the sage and allow the flame to burn for a moment. Then blow out the sage and allow the herb to smolder. It will create a thick whitish smoke. It's this smoke we are after. Carry the smoke thought your home, and allow the smoke to enter all the nooks, corners and crannies. It's a good idea to pray or chant as you go. One chant I have used and shared often at the store is adapted from Lady Sabrina, "All negative thoughts are banished, all unwanted energies are gone. Only the forces and powers I wish remain within from this moment on!"

Move from room to room and allow the smoke to permeate the atmosphere. You can certainly say out loud whatever effect you would like to have as you work. Declare, this space is calm, peaceful and inviting.

If by chance, your sage stops burning don't panic. Just relight it and move on. When you have completed the entire process and covered your entire room, apartment or home, you may wish to finish the ceremony by lighting a simple white candle. Next relax and enjoy the atmosphere.